A common theme we have heard from founders is that starting a business is a true leap of faith. But how and when do you decide to make the leap?   

Maria Yuan, founder of Issue Voter, waited almost 10 years after she worked on a political campaign in Iowa, before her determination to make politicians more responsibleto their constituents became a reality.  

Maria Yuan
Founder, Issue Voter

Prior to the 2016 elections, Maria wanted to know what her legislators had done during their tenure of serving the public but she discovered there were very few places to find that information. She believed this information should be readily available and decided to quit her job at Credit Suisse to make politicians’ records more transparent. Today, Maria’s platform, IssueVoter.org, regularly delivers insights to both citizens and politicians. Recently, they celebrated delivering over a million opinions to Congress.

Looking back, Maria says she has always lived her life and made her decisions based on whether she would regret not trying something. So when the technology evolved to make her idea feasible, and she found the right partner to help build her platform, she jumped at the chance to help make a difference.

To learn more about your politicians’ voting record and if you are interested in donating to Maria’s cause, check www.issuevoter.org.

Lynne Pagano, and her co-founders,Suzanne Willian and Lauren Decker, of The Co-Co in Summit, NJ, a collaborative co-working, co-learning community for women in Summit, NJ, had a similar revelation.  

Lynne Pagano
Co-Founder, The Co-Co

Lynne, Suzanne and Lauren had frequently talked about how to harness the energy and intelligence of the talented women they met in their corporate careers and their second careers as stay-at-home parents.  So when Lynne saw that WeWorks had invested $30MM in The Wing, she texted Suzanne and Lauren saying, “It’s time.”

The Co-Co is more than just a co-working space for women. It is also designed to be a community with programming such as panel discussions, events and social gatherings. But The Co-Co isn’t just for women.  While they aim to create an environment where women can thrive, The Co-Co welcomes both men and women.

Their advice to anyone thinking of taking the leap of faith to start a business is to stop waiting. Lynne tells the story about how someone said to her, “you are going to be 54 before the business is up and running.”  Lynne’s response? “I’m going to be 54 anyway so I might as well be having fun.” 

You can learn more about The Co-Co at https://www.theco-co.com

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