“You will never know how big your idea is until you go for it and put it out into the world.”

Mark Pires, founder of The Beatseat(™)

Before Mark Pires created the Beatseat™️ and founded his company, he was an MTV music artist in his twenties, a real estate agent in his thirties and now, in his forties, an inventor, daily vlogger, podcaster and motivational speaker. How did he make those transitions? We talked to Mark on his daily podcast, RealTalk, to learn more about his journey.

Mark Pires

“I left the music business because you are either Bono or broke in music. It was a good time for me to reflect on life’s priorities.  I also would have had to move to LA and with a wedding six months away, I decided to pass on the record deal to start a family with Lara.  So, instead, I moved into real estate.”

Mark’s whole family is involved in the construction business, so Mark used his building experience and quickly built a successful career by leveraging his deep knowledge of gauging renovation pricing in real time.

After ten years in real estate, Mark started “Mark Pires’ Real Talk”, a daily Vlog and podcast with a mission to affect a positive change one person at a time. It’s a motivation and inspiration show that also deals in real estate advice and, on weekends, it’s music night.  Mark has been live every single day since December 31, 2018. There is no end date to this daily mission, so you can tune in any day on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or any other platform and find Mark live.

Mark also reconnected with his love of music. One day, a drummer who played the cajon with Mark  wasn’t able to make a performance and a new path for Mark opened up. Mark decided to build a cajon to add percussion he could play himself, but he found immediately that the cajon was not designed for him. It was impossible to play his guitar at the same time. That’s when he had the spark  – the BeatSeat, a percussion drum he could play with his hands or his feet that also allows the player to sit comfortably.

The BeatSeat was Mark’s solution to a challenge for a musician – to have a percussion instrument and a comfortable seat. But one day a new opportunity presented itself when an autistic child who was visiting his home started playing with the BeatSeat. When the child’s parent saw her son laughing and interacting with the drum, she told Lara and Mark that they had created a new sensory therapy product.  Now, in addition to promoting The BeatSeat to musicians, Mark and Lara are taking the BeatSeat to the autistic community. 

“You have to be open to opportunities when they present themselves,” says Mark.  “You never know when that connection will come. You have to be aware of your moments and be ready to go when you see something scalable.”

Lara Ceccarelli

Mark could have stayed comfortable with real estate and playing a little music on the side, but instead, he’s on a fascinating journey to sell BeatSeats with his wife Lara while inspiring the world on “Real Talk.”

As Mark says, “You don’t know if your spark of an idea will become a fire unless you develop it and put it out there. All I started out to do was to put on ‘full band experience’ all by myself without hiring a drummer. Exploring my spark led me to build the first drum for guitarists. Now the BeatSeat is potentially one of the most powerful sensory drums in existence.  We had to trust our intuition and drive forward to an imaginary finish line in our minds. Forget the word ‘quit’ and learn to appreciate the word ‘no’. Every ‘no’ is valuable information for you as a founder. “

To learn about the BeatSeat, visit www.beatseat.rocks. To meet Mark and Lara in person, join us this Thursday, November 21 at the Cos Cob library at 6:30pm. Sign up at http://bit.ly/S2SCUCosCob. And check out our conversation with Mark on his podcast, RealTalk, here.

Copyright© 2019 Emelie Smith Calbick and Betty Wong

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