“In spite of the challenges of this global pandemic, I think it is important to keep moving forward.” 

Rajiv Jadhav on starting Bright Now

In addition to running a social media company, RSquare Media, Rajiv Jadhav has been a trainer/mentor/coach/consultant for nonprofit organizations, including the SBA, SBDC and the Nassau County Government.  Most recently, Rajiv served as a Keynote Speaker at the United Nations session on ‘The Role of Coaching to Alleviate Homelessness.’ This resulted in the Government of Malawi asking him to deliver a proposal on solving child homelessness in Malawi.  It was then that Rajiv decided to establish Bright Now, a US nonprofit, to address this global need. 

Rajiv Jadhav

Little did he realize when he agreed to work on this problem in Malawi that a global pandemic would disrupt his plans. Undeterred by the challenging news of world economies collapsing, Rajiv intends to move forward with creating Bright Now and finding advisors, directors and sponsors. 

What is Bright Now?

Bright Now’s mission is to deliver coaching and mentoring services to children around the world who may be lacking self confidence and self esteem, hindering their prospects for a bright future. Bright Now aims to change this mindset. Working with mentors, the organization’s role will be to inspire kids and give them needed mental support to supplement the government’s interventions of providing housing, food and education.

Why do this now? 

Right now everyone is focused on solving the covid-19 crisis so our work with Malawi has been put on hold. But that doesn’t mean we can’t continue to move forward and lay the groundwork while we wait to resume this project. So now, we are focused on building partnerships and alliances, and developing the necessary plans to deliver a viable solution on a large scale. 

Do you have any ideas about how you will deliver your service?

We’re working this out now but I think we will have a team on the ground in Malawi and recruit people here in the US to serve as mentors. We will also be relying heavily on the IT infrastructure present in Malawi to deliver our services through e-learning.

How have you gotten people’s attention about your project? 

At the moment, we are working to build awareness through “word of mouth”. At the same time, we are creating an advisory board and looking for volunteers.

How will you fund Bright Now?

I am starting Bright Now with my own funds from Rsquare Media although we plan to be a nonprofit and raise funds in the future. We hope to get our 501(c )3 later this year. For more information on Bright Now or if you are interested in donating or volunteering your time, visit http://www.yourfutureisbright.org.

How is your social media company doing, since you mentioned it will help you fund Bright Now?

Actually, this is a great opportunity for companies who want to reach new audiences on the Internet since everyone is spending more time online. The latest data shows a 40% increase in time spent on social media, which doesn’t come as a surprise since, that’s the only link to any social interaction with friends other than phones.  If anyone is looking to fill their Q2 & Q3 pipeline now, they can set up a free consultation to get started by emailing us at  team@rsquare.media or via https://www.rsquare.media/talk/

What advice do you have for other entrepreneurs who are looking to start a business or nonprofit now?

The current situation is making every business owner re-evaluate 2 things: 1. How Business is Done, and, 2. How Service is Delivered. I know it is hard in the middle of unprecedented uncertainty, but every entrepreneur and business owner needs to carve out time think about how this applies to them and their business. What emerges can set you up for maximum success. 

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